California University Online Library (Learning Managment Portal) is an online library exclusive for California University Online Students. Here, they can access their International Accredited Self Pace Modules, view course specifications, access the recommend videos, submit assignments (prerequisites) and more.
In partnership with the FCE Service Providers, California University Online facilitate and assist individuals get appropriate and reliable foreign credential equivalencies that are prepared with integrity. Regardless of which university or college they have studied, the organization offer a chance to get their course credit equivalent and improve their career prospects worldwide. If they have studied at any other globally recognized university or college, they can benefit from the organization’s credit equivalency service and have their credits assessed to meet international standards.
California University Online offers the most affordable International Accredited programs from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia by open distance eLearning; accepted all over the world as assessed by Professional Credentials Evaluators.


Credential Evaluation for:

- Employment
- Immigration Visa
- College Admission
- Grade School and High  
Our ASC Programs are designed to prepare students for immediate vocational, technical or semi-professional employment. Students elect this degree to gain entry-level knowledge and skill for employment in a specific field or occupation.

Programs are offered in the areas of health, business, hospitality, tourism, applied and engineering technologies, applied arts and human/public services. In addition to the requirements for the ASC program, students must fulfill major and supportive course requirements of the specific program and satisfy the General Education Distribution requirements.
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